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Three Round Boats

Hi I'm Linda an artist, designer and founder of Three Round Boats. I live on the coast in the creative fishing town of Hastings. From a very young age I have loved drawing, showing anyone who wanted to take a look. It's always been an integral part of my life. All the art prints you see here start off in my sketch book, like the one of Speckled Sam, I then transfer them to the computer to be finished off. There is a section above of hand painted original art, this gives me a good balance and enables me to give you more of a mix. Sustainability is important to me and I work as best as I can to produce quality products while keeping the environment in mind. Throughout the year I'll be adding more items to the shop, totes and Tee shirts are on the list and some will carry a few of the current designs. If there is anything you would like to know feel free to email info@threeroundboats
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Red screen printed bird on a natural colour tote bag

Speckled Sam tote bag

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A joyful song for Three Round Boats