Spring beginnings

Spring beginnings

May is one of my favourite months, nature starts to show its beautiful colours and you know warmer days are ahead. Clarke the caterpillar loves this month too with all the leaves to munch on, not all gardeners favourite insect, but Clarke who looks very big here, won't do any harm to your leaves as he prefers the digital type.

It's also my birthday a gemini, the sign of twins and I do have a twin sister. We're not identical, but I've been told we have similar mannerisms. Growing up I was always known as the quiet one, my sister was the extrovert, nothing much has changed.

I'm working on bringing T shirts to the store next month, a lot more complicated than I thought. Lots of factors go into buying a good quality T shirt, the design, material, sustainability, but I am there and look forward to sharing this with you in June. I will start off with a design for children and will go from there. 

Until June Keep well




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